Who Are We?

Sustainable Aggregates South Australia is an industry led group committed to maintaining high benchmark standards of its products and providing a consultative link with its stakeholders.

SASA are committed to three principal commercial strategies:

Member organisations attaining high operational benchmark standards through
  • Compliance with the Waste Management of Australia (WMAA) National Construction and Demolition Division "Code of Best Practice for Waste Processing in the Construction and Demolition Industries" and other national guidelines.
  • Quality systems accreditation to ISO 9001 series Quality Management or an equivalent
  • Prequalification with the South Australian Department of Transport, Energy, Infrastructure for supply of pavement materials
  • Member Waste Management Association of Australia
Promote the fit for purpose use of recycled materials in pavement infrastructure
  • Improving market awareness of the technical capabilities of using recycled materials in road pavements.
  • Detailing environmental benefits associated with their use including reductions in greenhouse emissions
  • Provide performance assurance in the use of recycled materials in road pavements
Provide a consultative forum with stakeholders and an information reference and retrieval portal
  • Create an adjunct C&D Division website to the WMAA website to include a library reference to national and international conference papers reports etc
  • Develop technical notes on use of recycled materials
  • Provide access to product specifications and standards
  • Specific work practices associated with recycled pavement materials including OH&S issues
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